Motorex Engine Oil KTM RACING 20W/60
  • Motorex Engine Oil KTM RACING 20W/60

    Fully synthetic, high-performance racing motor oil specially for KTM race engines. Special, high-quality base oils combined with valuable additives enabled the development of this original racing quality. The ideal friction behaviour guarantees faultless functioning of wet multi-disc clutches under all operating conditions.


    Field of application

    MOTOREX KTM RACING 4T SAE 20W/60 has been developed for four-stroke, high-tech motorbikes in collaboration with KTM and guarantees optimum protection for engines under the toughest conditions. In addition, it enables the precise switching of gears as well as the optimum functioning of wet multi-disc clutches. MOTOREX KTM RACING 4T has been approved and is officially recommended by KTM Customer Racing.


    Advantages :

    • Fully synthetic

    • developed in cooperation with KTM

    • recommended by KTM Customer Racing

    • tested under the most extreme racing conditions

    • very high thermal resistance

    • long-lasting protection against wear

    • optimum frictional properties


    Delivery days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
    Approximately: 7 - 18 days for product arrival